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CDR and TWill: Up and Down and Up Again

Chris Douglas-Roberts and Terrence Williams know about adversity...grew up with it, know how to deal with it, know how to use it.  They also had a lot of experience with it this season, but by season's end, both had weathered another storm, another story.  Ben Couch writes mainly about CDR in a profile on the Nets' official site, but also talks about how the two got through some similar times...together.

For Douglas-Roberts, understanding how things can go from good to bad and back again became a challenge that was season-long...and beyond.  "I can’t really tell you where I’m going to end up, but I feel like I’ve pretty much proven myself thus far," CDR says. "And I don’t feel like it’s going to stop. I feel like I’m going to continue to get better every year, so we’ll see. We’ll see."