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Woj: Nets Not Likely to Make the Playoffs Next Year Either

Adrian Wojnarowski, speaking with Yahoo! Sports' Larry Biel, says despite Mikhail Prokhorov's wealth, all that cap space and a chance at John Wall or Evan Turner, the Nets are likely to "get better but I don't think they will make a jump to a playoff team." 

Woj says the big reason they're likely to get better is coaching. "They'll have a coach, they'll have a daily preparation which I don't think they ever had under Kiki for most of the season."  He also likes their prospects with Wall or Turner. "Both are expected to be cornerstone guys in the NBA." 

As for free agents, "They'll probably get a good one, but they're not getting any of the marquee guys. Could they conceivably get a Carlos Boozer kind of guy? Yeah but he'll probably end up with a contender."