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Foundation Work Underway in Brooklyn


As promised, the big dig has begun in Brooklyn.  Earth movers were seen Monday clawing away at the ground between Flatbush and Atlantic, excavating the foundation for Barclays Center. Excavation is limited to one part of the foundation, in large part because Daniel Goldstein's condominium building is still occupied (until a week from Friday).  Even then, it will take some time to take it down.

Forest City Ratner executive MaryAnne Gilmartin said last week, "This virtually vacant building is a substantial structure and, once it is completely vacant, it may take several months to perform the work necessary to prepare for an actual demolition…. Once all the preparatory work has been performed and the demolition permit has been obtained, it will take an additional several months—approximately five months is the current estimate—to perform and complete the actual demolition."  The ESDC does plan to demolish two buildings near Goldstein's condominium building next week.  He must be out of the building by May 7.

Gilmartin said that without delays, Barclays Center could be finished in time for the 2012-13 season.  The arena will need a four-month "commissioning" to test everything from concessions to heating and air-conditioning before a game can be played.