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The Power of Personality

CBS News
CBS News

The Times reports Mikhail Prokhorov's purchase of the Nets "may be the most anticipated ownership change in NBA history." It likens him to "a Bond villain, or a double agent in a Tom Clancy novel", noting "NetsDaily has dubbed him 'the Most Interesting Man in the World,' after the suave fellow in the beer commercials." (Shameless plug).

As Howard Beck writes, it's not just about money for free agency signings, player amenities, or coaches, team psychologists or the best development tools. They all matter, as Mark Cuban tells Beck, but it's also about Prokhorov's big personality...and how he uses it to the shape the franchise. 

"If Mikhail’s personality matches his wallet and he is available to Nets fans," says Cuban. "They will love him and come to the games in droves. If he stays in Russia and flies in every now and then, they will target him as the reason for any problems."

Meanwhile, the Times sports editor hinted the paper is working on an investigative report on Prokhorov. In an email to arena critic Norman Oder, Tom Jolly wrote, "We are reporting another story that touches on one of the issues you raise about Prokhorov, and, if the reporting leads to an article, I expect you'll see it soon".  Oder had written the Times editor about the paper failing to discuss "several less-flattering details about Prokhorov's business practices" in Tuesday's profile.