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Nets Nix Knick Flick!

Fox Searchlight
Fox Searchlight

Rapper Common, who plays a Net superstar (remember them?) in the new Queen Latifah project, admits to New York Magazine the original plot for "Just Wright", called for his character, Scott McKnight, to be a Knick. 

Enter Brett Yormark.

"We wanted to have him play for the Knicks, but the Nets offered a lot more cooperation," Commons explains. That cooperation entailed turning the IZOD Center over to the film's producers, arranging for 1,000 Nets fans to serve as extras, and have several top Nets players and front office types play themselves...including Rod Thorn, Lawrence Frank, Bobby Simmons, Marv Albert, and Tim Walsh.

The movie opens May 14, four days before the lottery and right around the time Mikhail Prokhorov is expected to become the Nets' principal owner. We can hardly wait for the Nets' marketing tie-ins.