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Would Wade Leave?

Things are not going well in Miami.  They're down 3-0 to the Celtics and could have their season wrapped up by Sunday afternoon.  There's talk that Pat Riley would love to get rid of Michael Beasley, who he once saw as the perfect complement to Dwyane Wade.They have a lot of cap space--more than $20 million plus Wade--but they don't have a decent point guard or center. Their best front court player, Udonis Haslem, will soon test free agency. 

So there are rumblings along South Beach that Sunday could be Wade's last game in a Heat uniform.  Writers think Wade will stay, but concede there's a growing possibility he could be heading north to enliven his hometown of Chicago, play sidekick to LeBron James in Cleveland, or join the remakes of New York or New Jersey. 

As Ethan Skolnick of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes, "Then there's the dark horse: the Nets. Don't laugh. Rich owner. Promising point guard (Devin Harris) and center (Brook Lopez) combination. Lottery pick. Planned move to Brooklyn in two seasons. A chance to build something new with another megastar."