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Suns, Amar'e Close to Extension?

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If Amare Stoudemire is the Nets' most realistic free agent target, they might want to think about a backup.  Both the Suns and Stoudemire's camp are telling FanHouse talks are underway and in the words of a source close to the 6'10" forward, "they're getting closer [financially] to where they should be."  Like several of the top-tier free agents, Stoudemire has a player option on June 30.  He can agree to stay another year in Phoenix for $17.6 million, sign an extension or become a free agent.

Stoudemire has twice said nice things about the Nets in relationship to free agency, and Nets beat writers have suggested that he, Carlos Boozer, David Lee and Rudy Gay are the Nets most realistic targets in free agency.