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Goldstein: Ratner Wanted Me Out to Get Prokhorov In

Paul Martinka - New York Post
Paul Martinka - New York Post

The reverberations from Daniel Goldstein's decision to sell his condominium unit to Bruce Ratner continue, two days after the deal was made in a Brooklyn judge's chambers.  In radio, television and newspaper interviews, Goldstein repeatedly said he was left with no choice and had to move.  So he got what was best --$3 million--for him and his family, five times what he paid for the unit six years ago.

In an interview with WOR's John Gambling, Goldstein said that Ratner wanted him out so the Nets owner could close the deal with Mikhail Prokhorov and "rebuild the Nets for the free agent market".

"They need the Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov to take over ownership of the Nets. And that could not happen until they got me out," he said. "And why do they need him to take over ownership? Because he wants to rebuild the Nets and be ready for the free-agent market. That was the reason they need to move quickly."

Goldstein has declined to say if he would give any of his newly gotten gains to his old organization, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn" or even if he can, considering that he has promised not to "actively oppose" the project.