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TWill Development Will Continue in Off-Season

Terrence Williams' development had a start-stop-restart quality to it this season.  But by season's end, it had gone into overdrive as the 6'6" point forward was named the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for April.  A lot has been written about those rising numbers, but now Ben Couch writes of where it goes from here.

First, it's back home to Seattle, where Williams has just bought a new house and will spend time working with DeMar DeRozan under Raptors' assistant coach, Eric Hughes.  After that, he will link up again with Gary Payton in Las Vegas as he did last June .  Finally, if there's time, he'll stop in Chicago to work out at Attack Athletics under Tim Grover.

He knows what's at stake and what's expected.

"There’s a lot of scorers already in the NBA, so some of the people who still want to be scorers are not going to win games," Williams says. "What I take from this season is, continue to be who I am, get better at the little things and continue to make other people better."