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Rivers: If Nets Want Thibodeau, Fine With Him

In comments before his Celtics destroyed the Heat, Doc Rivers said that he would not stand in the way of assistant Tom Thibodeau leaving Boston for Newark and Brooklyn.  "I want all my assistants to become head coaches," said Rivers, who has hinted he may leave the Celts after this season.

Thibodeau also got an endorsement from Ray Allen.  "He's an excellent coach and we'd miss him but he'd have to look at the chance to become a head coach."

Although Rod Thorn did not mention Thibodeau by name in his State of the Nets conference call Monday, he described a coach that sounded very much like the longtime assistant for the Knicks, Rockets and Celtics, starting with a requirement that a new coach be "somebody who has a defensive presence."  Thibodeau devised the Celtics' championship winning defense.