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Nets and the Numbers


The lottery is four weeks from Tuesday...and from now until then, it's all about the ping-pong balls. 

The Nets website  features a countdown clock to let you know just how much longer you'll have to be anxious. It's even set up a web page to keep track of all things Lottery.  It will start to fill up between now and May 18.

They've also asked Ben Couch to test his math skills on a detailed examination of the lottery system and what the Nets' chances are under various scenarios.  Amidst the possibilities, he offers two pessimistic observations:  For the last two years, the team with the worst record wound up with the fourth pick, the lowest possible, and only twice in recent  years has a team with the worst record won the lottery: the 2003 Cavs who took LeBron James and the 2004 Magic, who took Dwight Howard.  Of course in 1991, the last time the Nets had the most ping-pong balls, they won, taking Derrick Coleman who was voted Rookie of the Year.