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With Construction Underway, Nets Market Barclays Center Suites

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

The ceremonial ground breaking was last month and the actual excavation began this week.  So, the Nets are now marketing the 100+ suites they will build around the Barclays Center bowl.  Specifically, the Nets have bought ads atop New York City taxis.  For four weeks through May 5, 200 of the city's yellow cabs will carry the ads, which read "Your Home Away from Home."

Brett Yormark told the Times the Nets are aiming finding buyers for smaller, less expensive suites in the Barclays Center that will cost about $250,000 a year.  They hope attract small business owners from Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.  The campaign will be most visible on top of the cabs, but the team is also pushing the suites through outdoor advertising, business lunches with prospective buyers and direct mailings. Total cost: high six figures. 

  • Nets’ Second Season Begins - Ken Belson - New York Times