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Kiki, His Job as Hatchet Man Done, Waits for the End

Kiki Vandeweghe was hired two years ago to get the Nets out of "neutral", to dump salary in hopes of getting to the free agent promised land of 2010.  Along the way, he dumped Jason Kidd, Jason Collins, Richard Jefferson and Vince Carter, often handling initial negotiations that Rod Thorn would then close.  He also helped push Lawrence Frank out the front door and tried to get Del Harris in the back door. Then, there's that little matter of 47 losses on his resume'. All in all, not a great assignment, particularly if you're not there to reap the rewards.

Now comes word that Mikhail Prokhorov has approached CSKA Moscow President Andrei Vatutin about becoming his man in the front office.  So, it seems less and less likely Vandeweghe will be back.  Is he bothered by it? "I was initially hired to help us get a seat at the free agency table in 2010," he says. "Then you just do what the team needs you to do, and they needed me to coach. I’m proud of the way the players developed."