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Game 76 - Nets vs. Hornets - Saturday, April 3, 7:30

The Nets have next to nothing to play for.  The Hornets may have less than that.  Both teams finished 4-12 in March.  While the Nets try to put as much space as they can between them and nine wins, the Hornets are at best trying out different combinations in the back court.  Chris Paul is still working his way back from knee woes, while his backup, Darren Collison, has been looking like Paul Lite.  Typical was the Hornets' loss to the woeful Wizards earlier this week.  Paul finished with eight points while Collison had 14.  After averaging 21.6 points  and 8.3 assists in the month of February, the rookie finished with 16.9 and 9.1 in March.  Paul, who returned 10 days ago, is averaging 9.2 and 8.4.  Of course, the Hornets still have David West, the Nets nemesis. The Hornets will be flying in from Memphis where they lost Friday night by 11.

Devin Harris is still a bit banged up, hurting his back a week ago when he fell on a cameraman's knee.  He says he'll be ready.  Meanwhile, Courtney Lee has a stomach virus.