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Personal Experiences Drove Harris to "Assist"

All Stars Helping Kids
All Stars Helping Kids

Devin Harris' 34WaystoAssist Foundation spends a lot of time on three different aspects of charity work: Make-a-Wish, Big Brothers and Sisters and his Devin Harris FREE Basketball Camps in Milwaukee.  In each case, he tells Alexis O'Shea of Back Sports Page that it was personal experience that drove his interest.

Re: Make-a-Wish: "One of my buddies who I grew up with had cancer and he went through the wish making process and we saw what it did for him."

Re: Big Brothers and Big Sisters: "I had a mentor growing up who played basketball in our area and went to my High School. He went through the same things I was going through. He mentored me through the process of college and going to the NBA."

Re: the Free Basketball Camps: "I got the idea from so of these camps I went to early on. When you go to the camps you expect to play basketball all the time, but with these camps you split half of the time with education".

Bottom Line: "You have to focus on making an impact".