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Do The Nets Need Counseling to Forget?

Tim Legler of ESPN lays out the issues he thinks the Nets need to deal with if they are going to recover from this year's debacle and turn things around next year.  First up, says Legler, "they need to see a group therapist to erase this season from their memory...they were devastated by a lack of confidence." 

Too bad Barclays Center is two years away.  The Brooklyn Paper reports the new arena will have a "meditation chamber".  The Rev. Herbert Daughtry, the Brooklyn civil rights leader who gave the invocation at last month's ground breaking, claims credit for the idea and sees a great value in it.  "Whenever you’re in the arena, you can go to meditate." Of course, The Paper suggests if things don't work for the team, "it could serve as a sanctum for spiritually devastated fans and basketball players."