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Nets Have Worst Ratings To Go With Worst Record, Worst Attendance

Cox News
Cox News

In addition to having the worst record and the worst attendance, the Nets on YES had the worst TV ratings, reports Sports Business Journal. 

The Nets had a .29 rating in the New York market, which works out to an average viewership of 22,000 per game.  The Cavs had an average rating of  8.59, meaning LeBron James et al. drew nearly nine percent of Cleveland's television audience whenever they played.  The Mavericks had the biggest ratings increase, 65.1%.

The Nets' average viewership of 22,000 was not the worst in the NBA, even though it was down 43.6% from 2008-09.  Six teams in smaller markets had lower numbers, including Charlotte with only 11,000 viewers per game and Oklahoma City, with 13,000.  The Lakers attracted 200,000 viewes per game, while the Knicks attracted 71,000.