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After LeBron, the Back-Up Plan

The Knicks are banking on getting two max players (at $16.5 million each) for their $34 million in cap space.  The Nets will have about $8 million less...unless Kris Humphries decides to opt out.  If he does, the Nets will have close to $30 million.  That's enough for a superstar making a max salary and a star making only slightly less.

No doubt, Plan "A" is LeBron James, using Mikhail Prokhorov's money, Jay-Z's friendship, and if they get lucky  May 18, John Wall's potential.  But what if they don't get lucky and don't get LeBron?  What's Play "B"?  Both Fred Kerber and Al Iannazzone report the "hot" names for the Nets come down to four players: Amare Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer, David Lee and Rudy Gay.  Stoudemire has a player option, Boozer and Lee are unrestricted free agents and Gay is restricted. 

As Iannazzone writes, "The two biggest words in the Nets’ off-season are if and could."