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In Mock Drafts, It's Wall and Warren

With all but the lottery order set--and most college and international players having made up their minds--the NBA Draft is starting to shape up, at least in the minds of those who put together mock drafts. Of course, the lottery order will have to wait until May 18 and there are always Draft night trades. Still, the three most popular: Draft Express, and ESPN will now get more attention as interest intensifies.

With the most ping pong balls in the lottery, the Nets are the favorite in all three to take Kentucky's John Wall, but they also have two other picks in the top 31 picks: at #27 and #31. Considering that four all-stars have been taken in those spots over the last decade--Tony Parker, Gilbert Arenas, Josh Howard and David Lee, they don't have to be throwaway picks.

Two of the latest mocks have the Nets taking Oklahoma shooting guard Willie Warren with one of those late picks: Draft Express has them taking the 6'4" Warren with the 27th pick and while ESPN projects Warren as the 31st pick.  Others who are linked with the Nets: Draft Express likes the Nets to take Gani Lawal, the 6'8" Georgia Tech power forward at #31; ESPN, which doesn't yet link picks with teams, projects Stanley Robinson, UConn's 6'9" small forward, at #27, while has the Nets taking Larry Sanders, a 6'10" power forward out of Virginia Commonwealth and Daniel Orton, the similarly sized Kentucky forward.