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Jianlian's Jiǎntǎo

Self-criticism, or jiǎntǎo, is a big part of the culture of the People's Republic...and basketball players are not exempt.  In an interview with a Chinese sports website, Yi Jianlian is remarkably honest about his shortcomings and how he may not be back in New Jersey next season.

Talking to Titan Sports, Yi says that while his game advanced this year, his inconsistency was due to "some flaws and instability in my fundamental skills. Very often there were problems relating to my shot selections, my game-reading and decision making."  He also admits, "I also had problems in transition/help defense."

As to whether he sees himself in a Nets uniform again next season, he says he doesn't worry about it. "I have no control of others; I have only control on myself. As to where will I be next season, I have no say."  Yi will be on the final year of his rookie contract next season.