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Nets Eliminate "New Jersey" From Newark Court

Nets Basketball
Nets Basketball

For years, the Nets' court in the Meadowlands had the words, "New Jersey Nets Basketball" emblazoned at either end of the playing surface.  And although the team will be playing for another two years in New Jersey, the team's new court at the Prudential Center in the state's largest city eliminates the reference to "New Jersey". 

Instead it will read only "Nets Basketball" at either end of the court and on "The Rock"s scoreboard.  At least that's what a black-and-white architects' rendering of the Newark court shows.  It's buried on the Nets' "rebuilding" website,  Renderings of Barclays Center show the court emblazoned with "Brooklyn Nets" at either end.

The Nets have been slowly but surely eliminating references to "New Jersey" ever since Bruce Ratner bought the team in 2004, starting with stationery and the team website, "the Official Home of Nets Basketball".  The team eliminated  the team's grey and blue "New Jersey" road uniforms as well, replacing them with the red "Nets" road uniforms.