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TWill's Rise Gets Him Credibility But All-Rookie Team Honors Unlikely

Summarizing Terrence Williams' season, ESPN's David Thorpe chose this analogy: "the classic case of caterpillar-turned-butterfly. Simply put, Williams' game was ugly during the first few months of the season but has been beautiful since late February".  He says it has to make the Nets happy that "they have another piece of their foundation in place."  Moreover, in his chat, Thorpe writes, "We should expect this of him, as should he".

Drew Packham of says something similar: "Came on late to finish with averages of 8.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.8 assists."  But neither Packham nor Thorpe put TWill on their All-Rookie teams and Dave D'Alessandro wrote this week that an informal poll of ROY writers showed the same thing: no recognition.

Still, his big finish did get Williams honorable mention from  both writers, with Thorpe pushing him up to a final rookie ranking of #12.  At one point, he had the Louisville product, taken at #11, all the way down at #37.  TWill seems to think he needs to take his metamorphosis one step further: He tweets today he will be changing his number next year to what else...#1.