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Wade, O'Neal, Haslem May Sit vs. Nets

The Nets have a better chance at beating the Heat Wednesday after word came that Dwyane Wade, Jermaine O'Neal and Udonis Haslem may not suit up.  In fact the Heat may want the Nets to win. No one is using the word, "tank", but the Heat may be making a strategic decision by sitting everyone but Michael Beasley

The Heat brain trust has apparently decided they want to fall to sixth and play the Hawks, who they beat three times this season, rather than stay in fifth and face the Celtics, who swept them. And the Celtics can do the same. They can decide they want to play the Bucks and rest their Big Three against them tonight.  If Milwaukee wins, they move up to fifth, setting up a first round clash between the Celtics and the Bogut-less Bucks. 

Yes, it's all very complicated.  However, here's one simple thing for the Nets to contemplate.  A month ago, it looked like they were on the way to having the worst record in NBA history.  A win in Miami would give them a 13-69 record, tied for the sixth worst ever.  That's progress.