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Who's Staying, Who's Going in the Youth Brigade

What should the Nets' youngest players work on this summer?  Alex Raskin of HoopsWorld talks to the players and their coach about what they should focus on in "summer school." 

Brook Lopez, whose improvement in the past year is seen as the model for the others, was barely mentioned.  

Chris Douglas-Roberts wasn't mentioned at all. Why?  Dave D'Alessandro writes in a separate story that CDR may not have a future in New Jersey.  Specifically, D'Alessandro states, "The Nets are still undecided whether to pick up the $854,000 option on Chris Douglas-Roberts’ contract, according to two team officials."  The Nets have until June 29, five days after they draft three even younger players, to make that decision.

CDR aside, Vandeweghe talked about how Yi Jianlian and Courtney Lee can improve their games, with the coach suggesting Lee should work on his point guard skills.  As for Terrence Williams, he wants to "orchestrate the offense" better and develop a better offensive game at the elbow, "like Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant and John Salmons". John Hollinger includes Williams in his "Out-of-nowhere" team, players who have emerged of late for lottery teams.

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