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What About Thibodeau?

Tom Thibodeau is not a big name.  He is the "associate head coach" of the Celtics, a title conferred on him, along with a lot of money, to keep him in Boston.  But the Celtics won't stand in his way if he gets an NBA offer. 

As his hometown paper, the New Britain Herald reports, he is generally regarded as "the league’s top defensive strategist and best teacher of fundamentals." 

And suggests the Herald's Bart Fisher, it would make sense for the Nets to hire him, at a quarter of what they want to offer Mike Krzyzewski.  There are issues, of course, that have kept Thibodeau out of the head coaching ranks.  "He’s ultra intense, some critics say too intense to be a head coach in the pro-game."  Might be a refreshing change for the Nets.