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How High the Mavs' Pick?

The Nets won't know how the ping pong balls will fall on May 18. But they'll know by Thursday, at the latest, where they'll pick later in the first round with the draft choice acquired in the Jason Kidd trade two years ago. By finishing last, they automatically get the first pick in the second round, #31. Lottery position has no effect on the second round.

It's possible the Nets could get as high as the 22nd pick, but it's highly unlikely.  If the season ended Sunday, the Nets would get the 27th pick, but things remain tight.  The Nuggets (whose pick is held by the Grizzlies) and Jazz (whose pick is held by the Timberwolves) are both a game behind the Mavericks. The Suns (whose pick is held by the Thunder) are a game and a half back, but one back in the loss column.

If there are ties, the order will be determined by a series of random drawings (from a basketball cut in half) Thursday, just prior to the NBA Board of Governors meeting. So far, only two players have been associated with the Nets' pick: Daniel Orton of Kentucky and Luke Babbitt of Nevada, both power forwards.