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We Find Prokhorov's Yacht

Nautic News
Nautic News

Two weeks ago on "60 Minutes", Mikhail Prokhorov said he didn't know where his $45 million yacht, the Solemar, could be found.  He doesn't use it much. He gets seasick, he said, but noted that it serves as an excellent platform for his jet ski adventures.  

It took some searching, but we found it.  As for Sunday, the 202-foot long Solemar is in dry dock in the French Mediterranean port of Marseilles, perhaps undergoing maintenance.  Although Prokhorov owns the Solemar, it is available for charter, as this brochure notes.  A crew of 16 will cater to the needs of up to 12 guests.  And as the online gallery shows, it has everything needed to conduct Nets business.  There's a nice conference room for draft or trade discussions, staterooms where a free agent could be wined and dined and a fully-stocked workout area for players--and owner--opening on to the deck.

  • Ship position and map of track for Solemar — ZCIR3 - Sailwx