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Woj: Nets' Coaching Search Is All About JVG

Tony Dejak - AP
Tony Dejak - AP

Adrian Wojnarowski talks about the Nets' future with Larry Biel of Yahoo! Sports.  While much of what he says is ground that's been gone over, Woj contends the Nets have only one target in their coaching search: Jeff Van Gundy. "Their No. 1 target is Jeff Van Gundy," says Woj, "and they have a great chance of landing [him].  Everyone else is a distant No. 2." 

He reiterates that Mikhail Prohkhorov will extend Rod Thorn and brings in a Russian from CSKA Moscow to be an "assistant GM".  He adds that the Nets have an advantage in recruiting LeBron James: Jay-Z: "Don't underestimate that relationship."  More likely, he tells Biel, is LBJ re-signs a short-term deal with Cleveland. 

The Nets biggest advantage he claims will be Prokhorov himself. "He's not like Mark Cuban...Players are going to be attracted to coming to play for him.  He's going to party with players, chase women with them, players going to identify with him" leading to an "immense impact" almost immediately.   One free agent who's unlikely to be attracted to Prokhorov: Dwyane Wade.  ESPN's writers say chances of DWade landing in NJ are between 0 and 1%.