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TWiple-Double Only the Beginning

Near the end of the fourth quarter, Terrence Williams cocked his ear to hear what fans were saying, then smiled.  It seemed odd until Alex Raskin of HoopsWorld got an explanation from TWill.

"Coming down the court, fans told me I needed one assist for a triple-double," Williams said. "My eyes lit up like, 'What? How do they know that?'"

Nets fans knew it because they have some experience in checking when a player is close to a triple some 60 games worth over the last decade.  And they're only too happy to start doing it again.  It was all quite ironic considering what Williams had said before the game.

"Right now, I don't think you guys have seen everything yet," he said. "I haven't even gotten a triple-double yet, so you definitely haven't seen everything."

"Everything" also included a 35-foot rainbow buzzer-beating jumper at the end of the first quarter, a stunning catch-and-dunk off a Yi Jianlian miss near the end of the second overtime, a perfect football pass to Brook Lopez at the end of the second overtime and the NBA Move of the Night, a twisting 360 on a breakaway that made Kirk Heinrich look ill.

In fact, over the last nine games,  the Nets have gone 5-4 and TWill has been a big part of the late season turnaround.  Although he missed one of those games, he's put good numbers in the other eight: 15.6 points on some solid shooting from everywhere: 51-116 (44.0%) overall; 7-18 (39.0%) from deep; even a remarkable 16-19 (84.2%) from the stripe.  He's also averaged 6.0 rebounds and 6.3 assists...and only 1.8 30.6 minutes.

What's next?  He'd like to see a dunk contest featuring some Seattle players: Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, Rodney Stuckey.  He thinks he'd win it, of course.