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Dave D: A Change Is Coming...OK, Maybe More than One

Dave D'Alessandro's Mailbags (we capitalize out of respect) is always a fun read, peppered as it is with wit, trenchant analysis, tidbits, and just a touch of crankiness.  For Nets nerds--and aren't we all--it's an event when one shows up.  Most of the questions Thursday are about the future, and why not.  The past is so passe'...with 10 wins and all.

Bottom line, Dave is a bit suspicious of Mikhail Prokhorov, believing his "strategic investment" is likely to be a short term foray.  He suggests the first indication we'll have about Prokhorov's long-term commitment is how much independence he gives Rod Thorn in the hiring of subordinates. 

As for free agency, it's all about big men, and not just Amare Stoudemire  There's Carlos Boozer and David Lee and Udonis Haslem but not Chris Bosh, who Dave calls "the softest big guy in the league".  He also thinks it's possible the Nets may have more cap space than believed.  It's not certain Kris Humphries will exercise his player option...and Keyon Dooling is basically gone. 

Speaking of permutations, Dave offers the possibilities for Draft Night, including trading Devin Harris, choosing between bigs and smalls if the ping pong ball gods don't smile on the Nets, and offering two possibilities for the second pick--Nevada's Luke Babbitt and Kentucky's Daniel Orton, both PF's. 

Finally, there's the search for a new coach.  If it's Thorn's choice, he says it won't be a college guy.  It will be Jeff Van Gundy or a rising star.  And JVG is by no means a sure thing.  He likes what he's doing, where he's living and has no burning desire (yet) to return to the bench.

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