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Yormark Says Thorn Will Attract "Game Changer" As Coach

Mitsu Yasukawa - The Star-Ledger
Mitsu Yasukawa - The Star-Ledger

If you needed any more signals that Rod Thorn will be back, listen to Brett Yormark on ESPN's Brandon Tierney Show Wednesday (20:05 in). Talking about the coaching search, the draft and free agency, the Nets CEO said Thorn would be involved in all of them. Specifically, he mentioned Thorn's critical role in the recruting and hiring of a head coach.

"When the time is right, he will make the right selection," Yormark said of Thorn's role in the search for a "game changer" to coach the Nets. "Rod will attract that type of coach."  In spite of an apparent endorsement of his future by Mikhail Prokhorov Sunday, Thorn isn't commenting.

Speaking about Prokhorov, Yormark said he was very excited about how the Russian billionaire's "wealth of resources" and desire to win translates to a "very good chance of turning this around very very quickly and for the long term."

He also noted that Prokhorov has "assembled a great team we will be interfacing with."  Although he didn't identify the team, other reports indicate that some of Prokhorov's Moscow-based management team will play a large role with the Nets.