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Two Nets On Dime's "Biggest Thieves" Team

Dime's Austin Burton lists the NBA's "biggest thieves", players "who have to hide a guilty grin whenever they get their check."  Some of the names are no surprise, like Isiah Thomas' twin bonehead signings: Eddy Curry, who "earned" $10.5 million this season, and Jerome James, who's getting $6.6 million.  Several aren't even playing: Darius Miles ($9.5 million); Brian Cardinal ($6.7 million) and one, Marko Jaric ($7.1 million) has left for Europe.

Two Nets make the list, at #9 and #10.  Of Bobby Simmons ($11.24 million), Burton writes, " At least he’s a good locker room guy and provides some veteran leadership for the Nets’ youngsters."  The other Net on the list is Shawne  Williams ($2.4 million), who was waived after he was charged with four counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and four counts of conspiracy to distribute. "So are the checks being direct-deposited into his commissary account or what? He could hook up the entire yard with cigarettes and toothpaste".