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CDR, Frustrated with Nets' Role, Uncertain of the Future

He says he and the head coach have a "unique" relationship.  He admits, "I don’t really know what my role is" in the new inside-out offense, then adds, " I had to take a backseat." He's stopped letting out his emotions on Twitter, realizing it wasn't helping his reputation – fair or not – as a malcontent. And as for his future with the Nets, he says, "I’m going to see how everything goes, but I’m going to focus on me." That's the brunt of a Memphis Commercial Appeal profile of Chris Douglas Roberts' frustrating season.  The Appeal's Scott Cacciola notes that CDR and Kiki Vandeweghe display a studied avoidance of one another, barely speaking.  And while noting the Memphis product's frustration with the system, he adds that other wings like Devin Harris, Courtney Lee and Terrence Williams don't seem to have the same problems fitting in, as Monday's box score attests.