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Could Harris and Wall Play Together?

A few weeks back, with Devin Harris still playing hurt, conventional wisdom among basketball pundits was that the Nets would have to trade Harris if they got the first pick--and John Wall--in the draft.  Harris has looked more like his All-Star self of late, averaging 21.8 ppg in March after going for 20.3 ppg and 9.3 apg in February.  He's even shooting 38.1% from deep this month.

Sports Illustrated, in handicapping the best landing spots for Wall, still thinks the Kentucky guard would complicate things for the Nets. "Sure, New Jersey is threatening to become the worst team in history and any infusion of talent is welcome at this point," writes Frank Hughes. "But drafting Wall would hasten the departure of Harris, whose disappointing season means the Nets likely wouldn't get equal value in return."

What about playing them together--if the Nets get lucky?  There's some in the Nets front office who would like to try that combination out and see what it looks like.  Of course, who plays the point would be the issue....but a nice issue.