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Nets Moving #29 1/2

Last week, Kurt Helin of  NBC Sports broke a 13-week  trend and ranked the Nets at #29 following their victory over the Celtics in Boston.  It was the first time the Nets had been out of anyone's basement since November.  This week, it's John Schuhmann's turn to rethink the Nets' position at the bottom of the power rankings.  After their 20-point blowout of the Knicks, Schuhmann drops the Knicks and (slightly) elevates the Nets.  "New Jersey is 31-11 against New York since 2001 and has lost the season series only once in the last 10 seasons," Schuhmann notes.  Unfortunately, he is alone.  Marc Stein and John Hollinger of ESPN, as well as Helin, still have them at #30.