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Reminder: Site Rules and Guidelines

Fellow Nets fans, we hope that you are getting used to the new NetsDaily. In our six-plus years of operation, this is our second major overhaul of the site. We're very excited to be a part of the SB Nation family and believe that the new site has many features that you will learn to love.

By the way, if you don't remember what the original NetsDaily looked like, check out this link.

Most important to us, though, is that you get the same things out of NetsDaily that you have since February 6, 2004: Up-to-the-minute news, the most thorough collection of links that you'll find on any sports blog on the web, and quality discussion.

The last part is the reason I'm posting this.

If you've been reading NetsDaily for the last few years, you know how important quality discussion, both on the main site and in the forum, is to us. And one small drawback to the new format is that comments are tougher to moderate. There's no word filter, which held comments up for moderation if they contained profanity on the old site.

For the most part, the discussion has been great, but we have had a few naughty words and personal attacks that we dealt with after the fact.

This is where we need your help. SB Nation has a great feature that allows all users to flag comments that are inappropriate and/or break the site rules.

If you read a comment that needs our attention, please click on the "actions" button at the bottom of the comment, and then click on "flag." At that point, you are asked to give a quick reason for the flag before submitting.

Please re-familiarize yourself with the site rules and guidelines after the jump...

1. No profanity.

2. No content that can be interpreted as disrespectful to a group of people. This includes racial slurs and stereotypes, pornography or anything close to it.

3. No personal attacks. Do not attempt to bait, insult, ridicule or belittle a fellow commenter.

4. Do not post links to illegal feeds of games.

And we ask that you follow these additional guidelines:

1. Quality over quantity. One intelligent post is worth much more than eight meaningless ones.

2. Correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization are wonderful things, and they add to your credibility.

3. Don't attempt to state your opinion as a fact.

4. Support your opinion. Writing only "Smith sucks" doesn't add to the discussion or earn you much respect in the community unless you also give the reason(s) why.

5. Have fun. We're discussing sports here. There are far more important things in life than what is said on this blog.

So if you see profanity (even if it is masked with a *), please flag it.

If someone insults a fellow commenter, please flag it.

If someone writes a paragraph without a capital letter or any punctuation, please flag it.

Inappropriate comments will be deleted and those who post them will be warned. If someone continues to break the rules, they will be banned from NetsDaily. It's that simple.

Thank you very much. This is a great community that has stayed strong despite the on-court woes of our favorite team. And it will be stronger if we all pitch in to maintain the quality of the discussion.

Who's with me?