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Is Kiki Seeing the (Russian) Handwriting on the Wall?

Rod Thorn, the Nets president of basketball operations, has now met Mikhail Prokhorov twice, once in New York last October and once in Vancouver last month.  Kiki Vandeweghe, general manager and interim coach, has yet to shake hands with the guy who will determine his fate come June 30.  While there is increasing evidence that Thorn will be retained by the Russian billionaire, even Vandeweghe understands his role with the Nets may be nearing an end.

"Situations change," he tells Mitch Lawrence. "We'll see what happens."

As general manager, Vandeweghe gets a lot of credit for reducing the team's payroll, but as coach, he's 7-37.  His chances of staying on were hurt by reports he and Del Harris cooked up a secret deal that would have put him back in the GM's chair and elevated Harris to head coach.  Thorn said he was unaware of such an arrangement. 

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