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TWill Finally Showing His Promise

Terrence Williams will have to wait until next week before getting recognition for his exploits against Cleveland,  Washington and Orlando this week.  Right now, he's ranked #29 in ESPN's weekly rookie rankings and getting no recognition at all in the rankings.  But since last weekend, he's shown he could become the player the Nets hoped they were getting when they took him at #11 back in June.  In the last three games, he's made good use of the new burn he's gotten off the bench.  In 25 minutes per game, TWill has averaged 16 points, 4 assists and 3.3 rebounds, while shooting 53.3% (16-30) overall and a surprising 57.1% (4-7) from downtown.  He's even improved his foul shooting, hitting 76.9% (10-13) this week. Against Cleveland, he had the best game of his short career, with 21 points, seven assists, five rebounds. 

More important than the raw numbers, Williams has improved his shot selection, his defense and his confidence while still showing off his athleticism.  He's thrown down some spectacular dunks both in the open court and on darts down the lane. He's still turnover prone, giving the ball away five times in that Cleveland, but the Nets can live with that for now.