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Thorn: It's All About the Money

The Nets will hold a 1 p.m. press conference in Newark Friday to promote their new marketing strategy--"It's All New!"--and their interim move to the Prudential Center.  If the Nets had played in Newark this year, they'd be playing in the league's newest arena, with state of the art facilities, including locker rooms built to NBA standards.  But are top tier free agents likely to make their decisions based on the arena accommodations or locker room amenities?  Rod Thorn thinks not.  It's much more likely they will echo the Rod Tidwell character from "Jerry Maguire".  "For a lot of people, it will be, 'Show me the money,'" Thorn says. And with all that cap space and Mikhail Prokhorov's fortune, they should have plenty of that to go around.