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Suns Catch Fire in Third Quarter to Run Past Nets

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The Nets have been playing their best basketball of the season, but that wasn't enough to stop the Suns' winning streak at the Izod Center on Wednesday night. The Nets led by three at halftime, but the Suns opened the third quarter on a 13-0 run. They made all six threes they attempted in the third, winning the period 38-23. The Nets scored the first seven points of the fourth to cut the lead to five, but couldn't hold down the Suns' offense long enough to get any closer than that. Phoenix shot 57 percent from the field and was led by Steve Nash, who finished with 24 points, seven rebounds and 14 assists.

Terrence Williams had another strong game, finishing with 21 points, five rebounds and nine assists. Kris Humphries (17 points, seven rebounds) also played well off the bench, while Brook Lopez had 19 points and eight boards and Courtney Lee added 17 points. But Devin Harris shot just 2-10 from the field and the Nets' defense took a step back after Monday's strong performance against the Spurs.

Meanwhile, the Timberwolves ended their losing streak with a win over Sacramento, putting them at 15 for the season. So the Nets would have to go at least 5-2 the rest of the way to catch them.