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The Nets Lose Nothing by Winning

Fred Carter is toasting the Nets after their 10th win.  His 1972-73 Sixers remain the worst team in Nets history.  "I'm really happy for the Nets and for myself," Carter told the Philadelphia Daily News. "I was really concerned about the Nets not getting there. The last thing they needed was to have to carry that with them. That could have cost a couple of guys their careers."

Carter, of course, has made his rep as being "the best player on the worst team of all time". He also claims to have invented the fist bump.

But what if the Nets had never gotten that 10th win.  Darren Rovell asks, would that have let to marketing opportunities for them down the road. No, writes the CNBC sports business correspondent.  "There is not a large collecting base for loveable losers," Simeon Lipman, pop culture specialist, tells Rovell. The exception: a "few lousy cult teams" like the 1962 Mets.