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Bag-Gate Ends in Love-Fest

New York Daily News
New York Daily News

Brett Yormark sat down with Chris Lisi, noted bagman, and his brother, Rob, Tuesday for a brown bag lunch to talk Nets...mainly their future and not everyone's past.  A week after Yormark, just back from a trip to China, snapped at Lisi after noticing him wearing a bag over his head, two rows back from the court.  The tete-a-tete got the Nets CEO some bad publicity, which he tried to turn into marketing magic by first offering a bag exchange the next home game and then inviting Lisi to the Nets practice facility for lunch.

Chris Carrino and Tim Capstraw, the Nets' radio team, served as moderators for the event and detailed just how well positioned the Nets are for the future.   Sly served as deliveryman and waiter, happily dumping burgers on the table..  By lunch's end, everyone seemed happy, if perhaps a bit bloated. Some of the happiest, tweets CNBC's  Darren Rovell, had to have been the Nets sponsors.  Beyond McDonalds, who provided the main course, team sponsors seen in the webcast included: Dasani, Doublemint, Veggie Chips, M&M's, PNY, Snickers and, Diet Coke,

"I don't know if it was a negative," Yormark said of the original confrontation with Lisi at the Heat game. "It was an unfortunate incident. I try to make the most of any situation and I think I did."  Meanwhile, the Nets had to admit their heavily publicized bag exchange was basically a bust.  Only two people accepted the exchange offer, the Nets said. Of course, it did get a lot of ink.