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Defense Makes Them Giddy

The Nets have had some luck lately and my, how they've needed it.  Tyreke Evans, Ben Wallace, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili all failed to suit up for games against them.  But there's something else out interest, heretofore unknown, in defense. They let the Pistons score 110 and  Bulls 106, but neither the Kings nor Spurs broke 85.

It showed big time against the Spurs.  Certainly it helped that they were down two players, but pushing Tim Duncan and Antonio McDyess into shooting woes shouldn't be dismissed.  Nor should Terrence Williams' second half shut down of Richard Jefferson. Does this mean that they could catch Minnesota?  Probably not. Should they even try?

Courtney Lee has some words for those of you sitting in your rooms counting ping pong balls.  "You can ask anybody on the team, we don’t care about that," Lee said. "We’re on the team this year. We’re trying to win as many as possible. Whatever happens, happens. Just because you have the worst record doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get the first pick. We’ll be around that area so whatever happens in the draft [lottery] happens."