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Thorn Won't Comment on New Boss' Apparent Endorsement

Bill Kostroun - AP
Bill Kostroun - AP

Mikhail Prokhorov said everything but "welcome back" in his comments Sunday, but Rod Thorn isn't celebrating yet. In an e-mail, the Times asked Prokhorov if he intended to bring in a Russian to run the team. His reply: “At the moment, there are no managers in Russia qualified to supervise people at the level of Rod Thorn or Brett Yormark".

Thorn admits he saw it, but said, "I don't have any comment on it."

Now in his 10th year as president of basketball operations, Thorn is up for contract renewal in July.  He has said he wants to come back, if only to remove the stench of this season.  "He has made it very clear he is not going to do anything or announce anything until he formally takes over," Thorn said of Prokhorov. "So until he does, you don't know. This is a special circumstance. It could be a short time until he takes over. It could be a while."  The Nets won't know til next week how it will take to evict residents and businesses from Brooklyn properties already condemned.  Until that's taken care of, the transfer of ownership won't be finalized. Thorn, 68, also said he has no problem mentoring a Russian executive.

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