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Yormark To Dine With "Bagman"...LIVE!

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They're calling it the "Brown Bag Lunch Summit"...well at least the Nets' P.R. staff is. The Times thinks it's just a "red-letter day on the weirdness calendar." Chris "Bagman" Lisi will sit down with Brett Yormark Tuesday to discuss the Nets and of course their well-publicized tete-a-tete at the Heat game last week. Also on hand to webcast it --live--over will be the Chris Carrino and Tim Capstraw.  Yormark says he hopes to have "a constructive discussion about the future of the Nets" with the 20-year-old Middletown resident. We wonder what will be on the menu, but we doubt there'll be any cheese.  The event itself will be cheesy enough.