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Prokhorov: "I Was Destined to Own an NBA Team"

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Wait, there's more! 

One day after "60 Minutes" profiled Mikhail Prokhorov, Bloomberg TV does the same!  Ryan Chilcote covers much the same territory but adds some details...including a promise to build a championship team "in two to three years".  Prokhorov  tells Chilcote he's been "destined" to own an NBA team and believes he can create a "great team" and a "great business", mainly because of Brooklyn.  When told New York is all about the Knicks, Prokhorov demurs, taking a swipe at Charles Dolan's team. "New York City," he says dryly, " has suffered from a lack of competition" in basketball, adding, "for the past 15 years, there's been no great success for the New York Knicks."

Displaying the same winning personality he did with "60 Minutes", Prokhorov tells Chilcote that he had Russian President Dmitri Medvedev talk to President Barack Obama to make certain there would be no roadblocks to his ownership bid.  After the meeting, at the United Nations last September, Prokhorov said he was satisfied "all formalities were done."  He admitted he must be more open than most NBA owners, but when Chilcote asked him how much cash he has, Prokhorov smiled and said, "If I told you, I would have to kill you."

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