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Thorn Still Unsure about Future

Rod Thorn isn't likely to learn much about his future from watching Mikhail Prokhorov on "60 Minutes" Sunday.  Prokhorov has told Thorn he's not going to make key decisions about the team's future til he's been approved as Nets owner, and that's not likely to happen for another month.  "You know something, I don’t know," Thorn tells Dave D'Alessandro. "When he takes control, he’ll make decisions, and I think it will probably happen quickly."

The problem with the delays--all related to litigation brought by the arena's critics--is that the Nets haven't been able to start their coaching search.  "It’s a natural inclination to think of guys I have an interest in, and I’ve done that. But until it’s determined who makes those decisions, I’m not going to reach out and talk to anybody."

One thing he or his replacement will have to deal with is whether the Nets should continue to pair Brook Lopez and Yi Jianlian upfront.  It sounds like Thorn is ready to move on, while Kiki Vandeweghe, citing the Pistons game, thinks the experiment's still worth pursuing.