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Hollinger: T'Wolves May Be Worse Than The Nets

When John Holllinger speaks, we listen...and here's what the ESPN stats guru says as the Nets try to avoid the NBA futility record:  "Yes, it's amazing that the Nets are 8-63. But even more amazing is that they might not be the league's worst team. Minnesota has nearly twice as many wins as the Nets (14), but by almost any objective measure, the Timberwolves have been just as bad."

Hollinger also notes that with 14 straight losses the Wolves could have an ending just as bad as the Nets beginning. "Minnesota can tie the league record for the longest losing streak of 24, set by the Cavaliers over the 1981-82 and '82-83 seasons."

He doesn't let anyone off the hook, but blames both David Kahn, the Minny GM, and Kurt Rambis, the coach he hired, with equal acidity.  He cites in particular Rambis' "head-scratching" lineups and his decision to bring Kevin Love off the bench...even though he is the T'Wolves most efficient player.

Bottom line: "So while the Nets get all the attention at the bottom of the standings, don't overlook Minnesota. This season's Timberwolves have been every bit as awful."  Of course, the Nets did lose twice to the Wolves.