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CDR: "It’s Just One Season Out of Many"

In an interview with a sports website, Chris Douglas-Roberts talks about the Nets season and how he's coping with it all.  Bottom line, says the second year player: it's been a season of up's and down's for him, but "it’s just one season out of many."  Explaining, CDR tells interviewer Michael Tillery that the key is to "focus on the tunnel…the light at the end of the tunnel. If anybody knows about that, I do. I came from a bad neighborhood in Detroit on the west side and nobody I know has ever gotten out. I saw a bigger picture no matter how hard things got.." 

Douglas-Roberts adds that the  future remains uncertain, "You can’t really pay too much attention to it because no one really knows what’s going to happen next year."  The Nets have a team option on CDR, exercisable at the end of June.