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Thorpe: TWill's Role Model Is "Right Next to Him"

Every year, ESPN's David Thorpe matches up rookies with veterans who he thinks they should emulate, not just on the floor but in their professional attitude.  This year, he thinks Tyreke Evans should model his game after LeBron James, Stephen Curry should look to Steve Nash, Omri Casspi to Hedo Turkoglu, etc.

What about Terrence Williams?  Thorpe says TWill doesn't have to look very far for his model.  "He is lucky to have the perfect role model right next to him," writes Thorpe, pointing to Courtney Lee.  

"[Lee] started the season poorly, but has recovered to play excellent basketball, displaying great intensity on defense even after a game has been decided," he writes. "And through it all, he has never said a negative word to anyone. A Nets official raved to me recently about how nice it was to see a young player ooze that much class and professionalism."

As for Williams, Thorpe writes, "If he learns to eliminate the distractions, play his role, and lock in on the job at hand, he can be a devastating force on both ends...I absolutely understand why the Nets drafted him."